Drunken Master: KFC China Tastes Ireland, Hits the Bottle


KFC might still be owned by American conglomerate Yum! Brands, and it is still an American brand, but is increasingly not a brand for Americans.

And what’s less American than pouring Bailey’s Irish creme on fried chicken…. in China?[more]

ChinaSmack Advertising (which you really should be reading), turns us on to a new “Taste of Ireland” promotion run by KFC China. Part of that promotion includes an Irish flavor infusion chicken that uses what looks like Bailey’s liquor.

KFC China’s microsite for the deal features a three-piece chicken combo splashed with (Yum! indeed) whiskey, all for 9 yuan, about $1.38.

China has become KFC’s most profitable market, well ahead of the United States. Yum! opens a new China KFC every every 18 hours. In China, KFC is exceeding other western fast food chain successes by localizing its food offerings to the local market, offering foods such as the egg tart, bamboo shoots or tofu dishes. Even KFC’s Colonel Sanders mascot has been given plastic surgery for the market, making him appear slightly more Asian.

Yum!’s plan is to expand eve faster in China. Yum! just made an offer to gobble up hot pot chain Little Sheep, a Chinese brand (based in Inner Mongolia) of which Yum! already owns about a quarter. We can’t wait to see what they add to the hot pot.