Arr, Cap’n: It’s the Great Upcoming Releases Product Placement Quiz


The first preview for the weighty, moody new NBC TV series (coming this fall) about the iconic brand, The Playboy Club, is out.

The question is, will Playboy be able to capitalize on the attention to bring a little of its former luster to a brand that many now know more as a E! reality show staple? Besides paying homage to house that Hef built, it’s also a potential windfall for the city of Chicago following the cancellation of FOX’s Chicago Code.

Clearly, when it comes to new releases, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has the weekend nearly to itself. So before we get to our look at upcoming releases, here’s a look at another retro 60’s brand that popping up on US TV screens this fall.[more]

This one’s on ABC, and similarly inspired by the retro chic of Mad Men — Pan Am, which should cause fans of the defunct airline brand, including Pan Am Brands, to wolf whistle:

On the big screen, meanwhile, Pirates sets sail into theaters to loot the box office this weekend. We expect thar be no placement of product ‘ere, so we have some questions for ye…

Yes, with pirates (and no brands) on deck this weekend, we’re running a quiz of product placements in upcoming films. Can you match the product placement with the soon-to-released film? (Answers below.)

1) Dunkin’ Donuts

2) Apple

3) Maserati

4) Perrier

5) Apple

6) Nokia

7) TGI Fridays

8) Apple

9) Apple

10) Under Armour

11) Apple (yet again)

And the answers:

1) Bad Teacher

2) Beginners

3) Love Wedding Marriage

4) Monte Carlo

5) One Day

6) Real Steel

7) Zookeeper

8) Abduction

9) Rise of the Planet of the Apes

10) Warrior

11) Friends With Benefits