Brand Bites: Carl’s Jr., Four Loko, El Camino, and Hating on Time Warner


So this is how they make beer in Australia! Super Hahn‘s comical spot was directed by Tom Kuntz, who shot that Old Spice Man spot.

Wisconsin state branding suggestion: ingenious, cheesy fashion.

Think you hate your cable operator? Not as much as the guy who spent $1,000 on a Time Warner Cable tirade.

Below: Smells like rebranded team spirit and more.[more]

One way for a crummy team to improve its record in mid-season? Do what the Kent Predators Seattle Timberwolves did.

Kit Kat New Zealand tries to start a new craze — golf ping pong:

Carl’s Jr. talks turkey:

Vogue Italy features plus-size models on its cover. Meanwhile, in the UK…

… this gent, with less than conventional fashion industry dimensions, is part of a viral movement to become the next model for retailer Next. (via)

Will GM really bring back the El Camino model if 100,000 fans comment on this blog post? In the meantime, El Caaaaaamino!

Per Consumerist, a new study finds that the closer your surname is to the end of the alphabet, the faster you make purchasing decisions. Yes, E-Z does it.

Herman Miller‘s new tag team partner, Japanese “botanic artist” Makoto Azuma, give you the Astroturf chair.

How one Florida family made their backyard into a private Disneyland. In future news: How one Florida family got sued by Disney.

China’s consumers: they’re just like US!

Agency Nothing Amsterdam opens Amsterdam office… in an Ikea:

American Apparel outstrips its nude advertising with latest campaign.

Brooklyn-named beer brands are out, but Bronx is in.

Can French TV say “Twitter” or “Facebook” on-air? Non!

RIP LRG street fashion co-founder Jonas Bevacqua, dead at 34.

& New York State Senator Jeff Klein demands to know how Mike’s Hard Lemonade “is different than a Four Loko” —