New Zealand Debates Banning Celebrity Endorsements


And in other New Zealand news today…

At one point in broadcaster Richard Long’s run from 1988-2003 with Television New Zealand, the network tried to move him from his weekday 6 p.m. slot to the weekends. Public outcry was so loud that he was moved back to the evening edition.

Since retired, Long’s name has been coming up a lot lately in the halls of New Zealand government. He was hired as a spokesman to promote Hanover Finance a few years back, a company that ended up collapsing. 3News of New Zealand reports that the collapse left “16,000 New Zealanders half a billion dollars out of pocket.” (Long, claiming he suffered too with a $50,000 loss, announced he was “really sorry.”)[more]

The upshot: a bill will be presented by the Labour Party to ban all celebrity endorsements in New Zealand. 3News has it that the government would like to fine celebrities “up to $1 million if they make misleading endorsements of finance companies, while the Labour Party would like to do away with endorsements altogether. 

“We need to be looking at actually prohibiting these kinds of trusted individuals being able to provide any form of endorsement,” says Labour’s commerce spokeswoman Lianne Dalziel, according to 3News.

“A working draft of the legislation will go out in August for public consultation,” 3News notes. 

So make sure that soap is actually “refreshing” if you say it is, Russell Crowe.

[Image above via BNZ]