Oscar-Nominated Directors Russell and Aronofsky Compete For Cash


Since losing the Oscar for best film for The Fighter, what has director David O. Russell been up to? Forgetting his heartbreak with Ketel One vodka… commercials.

Russell has teamed with the top-shelf booze brand to put together with Brooklyn band Alberta Cross for a new campaign called “Gentlemen, This is Vodka.” But he’s not the only one. Oscar-nominated director (Black Swan) Darren Aronofsky has followed up his Academy nom with his own ad.

Readers, this is cashing in.[more]

From Ketel One’s press release:

“Further emphasizing the commercials’ modern appeal, David O. Russell, director of such blockbusters as Three Kings and The Fighter, used his theatrical vision to film the three broadcast spots, portraying true friendship during a memorable night out. Demonstrating ingenuity in his advertising directorial debut, Russell used his renowned talent behind the camera to recreate genuine occasions typical of the Ketel One consumer. True to his personal method and form, Russell shot each ad on-site in the Hollywood Hills and used unique camera angles and stylized color in the final edit.”

The Ketel One release notes that the “three part series portrays a remarkable night out amongst friends beginning with a private concert at an exclusive underground club.” The ad trifecta, below.

Included in the campaign is a new single written and performed by Alberta Cross titled Money for the Weekend, which Russell directed as a music video. The band’s music cooperation with Russell will roll out in six parts. Music videos two and three, below:

Ketel One’s Facebook page has been overtaken by the campaign, which will spend an estimated $9 million between May and September.

Meawhile, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky teamed with musical maestro Pharrell Williams to release a dramatic new Revlon ad starring brand embassador Jessica Biel.

So, who cashed it in better?

(For avant-garde points, they’re both still a step behind Hollywood’s other commercial-directing David… Lynch.)