Louis Vuitton Checks Into China


It may not be a Louis Vuitton bag, but a Louis Vuitton badge is becoming a hot commodity.

To get a Louis Vuitton badge on Foursquare and unlock savings, one has to first follow the company on Foursquare and then visit three different physical locations of the store.

This kind of scavenger-hunt marketing seems to have worked for the company in its past forays using Foursquare in the United States and the United Kingdom, since it is now experimenting with the concept in the largest market in the world: China.[more]

Mashable notes that Vuitton “has partnered with Chinese check-in service Jiepang for its travel exhibition at the National Museum of China.” 

Anyone who uses the mobile app between June 9 and August 30 “will receive a branded virtual badge, and can also peruse Louis Vuitton’s profile page for tips and information about the brand and conceptual design.”

The site notes that location-based marketing is really a nascent business in China and “about 50 location-based apps are vying for a lead in the market.” Jiepang has one million registered users, making it one of China’s largest social check-in sites.