Google Gets Faster, Vocal, More Visual


Google is at it again, redefining the way we use the Internet and proving as an unstoppable force in the search-engine space. Earlier today Google announced on its official blog the added features of Voice Search, Image search, and Instant Pages, each demonstrated with a companion video on YouTube.

While Google tried to fooled us with futuristic operating capabilities via Gmail Motion this past April Fool’s, this time…it’s real. Google has integrated speech and images into search options. As long as you’re using the latest version of Google Chrome, go forth and speak, drag, and upload as you conduct your endless inquiries on the web.[more]

Instant Pages, makes your searches faster than ever before. With enhanced recognition, Google will more accurately and instantly display search result and pre-load pages so you wait all of “0.0” seconds to arrive at your site.

So next time you “Google yourself,” don’t type your name — that’s far less fun. Here are some demos: