Volkswagen Invites Fans to Write the Next Chapter


Volkswagen Canada wants your name in lights – as co-creator of the next spot for its “Drive Until” campaign promoting the Volkswagen Golf, in a bid to create “the People’s ad” for the “People’s car.”

The first two ads (“chapters”) in the Drive Until campaign are already on-air (watch below), showing a thirty-something man embarking on two major milestones: a marriage proposal (“Courage”) and getting to the church on time — for his wedding, as shown in “Time.”

The third ad in the storyline is up for grabs, and fans of the brand are being invited to participate in the script, cast, music – and receive onscreen credit, of course.[more]

Now, Chapter 3 is up to the public. The campaign — from the Omnicom-owned Red Urban agency — is using VW Canada’s Facebook page to get fans involved and take a peek “under the hood” of the creative process of creating a spot for the largest volume European automotive nameplate in Canada.

“While the idea of crowd-sourcing has been around for a while, the Drive Until project encourages a different form of fan participation. We’re not simply asking people to submit an idea that we then produce, we’re extending the creative partnership we have with Volkswagen to our fans,” said Christina Yu, Executive Creative Director at Red Urban.

“Not only is it a really interesting thing to participate in, it democratizes the process in a way that really fits with the Volkswagen brand.” 

More details on the crowdsourced creative campaign are in VW’s video below: