At the Movies: Bad Teacher, Good Product Placement


It is not a question of if Cars 2 will win the weekend box office or by how much; the question is how many weekends will it dominate?

We have already looked at the slew of brand partnerships Cars 2 has lined up for cross-promotional marketing purposes, and the brands actually appearing in the film, both fake, and real fake. And of course we will have a complete write up on the product placements within Cars 2 on Monday.

So instead let’s see what we can learn about product placement from a bad teacher.[more]

An R-rated knee-slapper about teachers gone bad, Bad Teacher sure can pack in the brands. From what we’ve found in the trailer alone, it starts first thing in the morning with the coffee:

In other Dunkin’ Donuts Hollywood news, the purple and orange brand just announced a major partnership with Captain America. Indeed, what’s more American than donuts? The deal includes a limited edition First Avenger Tri-Cup, a Stars & Stripes Donut with red icing and red, white and blue sprinkles, and a cherry-flavored Captain America Coolatta.

But Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t the only beverage in Bad Teacher; Coors Light is on (in) hand:

And even the harder stuff gets in, such as Jim Beam.

Apparel brands also land roles, including some competing ones, such as Nike (check out those balls):

…and Under Armour jackets:

A Jaeger-LeCoultre watch communicates a character’s wealth:

Sony Ericsson competes for eyeballs in the movie, too:

Finally, there are red-soled Christian Louboutins —

And not just on the film’s poster, but in several scenes in the film.

That a public school teacher could afford numerous pairs of Louboutins is maybe the most subversive joke of Bad Teacher.

Consider that the average high school teacher salary is about $43,000, while the pair of Louboutin Coussin Caged Ankle Boots worn by Diaz in the scene above sell at Saks Fith Ave for $1,595. That, my friends, is comedy!