Monster Brings Professional Social Networking to Facebook


Monster today launches a social network — on the world’s biggest social network. Monster’s estimated 700 million users can now import their information to Facebook and join BeKnown to connect professionally “without mixing business and friends.”[more]

The web-based job board isn’t the first site to try this — BranchOut and ConnectHive come to mind — but Monster is certainly the biggest brand seeking to help Facebookers create professional subnetworks within Facebook.

While Monster also tries to foster community within its own website, the BeKnown launch is an acknowledgement that it needs to fish where the fish are (on Facebook). It’s trying to help professionals get more out of Facebook, interestingly creating a new brand to attract new members to Monters via its FB app.

Beknown, available in 19 different languages, “accessible to any Facebook user,” lets Facebookers cultivate their professional networks via a unique dashboard, tools and badges — find out more on how BeKnown works here, and see some screenshots here.