There’s the Rub: Tiger Woods Pitches Japanese Pain-Killer


Golfer Tiger Woods once pulled in “an estimated $100 million annually” just on endorsement deals, according to the Wall Street Journal, but those numbers have dropped since a 2009 sex scandal that left him divorced and $750 million poorer, according to FOX News.

Some companies that Woods endorsed, such as Accenture, AT&T, and Gatorade severed ties with him after the scandal, but it’s hard to feel sorry for the 35-year-old golfer, who still brings in an annual paycheck from Nike, Electronic Arts, TAG Heuer, Upper Deck Co., and TLC Laser Eye Centers for endorsing their products and services. 

And now you can add one more endorsement deal to that list for Woods, who’s currently sidelined by a knee injury: the Vantelin Kowa heat rub for joint and muscle pain, produced by the pharma arm of Japan’s Kowa Group.

Wait: Tiger Balm wasn’t interested?[more]

“Americans tend to make more of [sex scandals] than other countries,” said Chris Anderson, director of communication for the Marketing Arm, an Omnicom unit that tracks consumer perception of celebrities, to the Journal.

Before the scandal, the Marketing Arm placed Woods up there with Sandra Bullock, Bill Cosby, and Michael Jordan on an index that measures a celeb’s influence on consumers, the Journal reports. Now, he’s in (ouch!) 2,596th place, hobnobbing with the likes of Erik Estrada, Steven Seagal, and Ruben Studdard.

“Anderson expects his scores to eventually improve” when he comes back from being injured, the Journal reports. His three-year deal pitching Vantelin Kowa should certainly help in his recovery.

[image: AP via New York Post]