Brand Bites: BMW, Smurfs, Lady Gaga, Sea Monkeys & more


BMW Canada spot featuring the world’s highest helipad goes viral; here’s part one of the campaign.

“It’s a live market with growing economy and people fond of meat.” — Wendy’s exec explains Russia launch.

Below: Smurfs, Lady Gaga, sea monkeys and more.[more]

35-year-old Chinese women can now dress like tweens: Forever 21 opens in Shanghai.

Communism with characteristics: How China is celebrating 90 years of the Party.

Is it game over for US National Pinball Museum?

Yoplait pulls ad that attracted eating disorder criticism.

Remember sea monkeys? Here’s the story of the madman who made them

Despite (mock) celeb-filled campaignThe Onion was snubbed by the Pulitzer committee. The Onion’s response: “Of course they did. The Pulitzer is a prize for third-rate, unrefined journalistic excrement masquerading as enlightened commentary, correct? How else does George Will have one?”

Google exec claims 500,000 Android devices are being activated every day. Every. Day.

Ads for 7Up in the 1950s were… different.

Ads for Progressive Flo into… the 80’s:

EA Sports “NCAA 12” features “dreadlocks hair option.”

Did Tumblr help Lady Gaga aquire her blog name from another user?

With typical flourish, Taiwan’s NMA animators take on the Lady Gaga/Japan fundraiser scandal. (Note: Gaga should have them animate her next video.)

In other animation news, Starwood Hotels checks in The Smurfs:

…while Harper’s Bazaar puts a Smurfette in Marc Jacobs and other luxury labels:

Rexona‘s singing armpit ad wins Cannes Lion for use of music. (via

Old Navy renews “Operation Troop Donation” campaign for military and their families, while Kodak supports 10-year-old Stephen Goodman’s drive to send thank you cards to all 180,000 US troops:

Chinese artist Liu Bolin‘s packaging camouflage exhibit opens in New York City:

Latest brand to appear at the Casey Anthony trial? Stay Dwight Howard — check out the tie of prosecutor Jeff Ashton, below. Related tweet: “Casey Anthony Trial: Velveeta, Salami Remnants Chemically Similar to Human Decomposition.” Also cringing at being mentioned: Henkel brand duct tape.

Finally, we can add this ad for Audiobook India to our collection of “shocking unoriginal” uses of Hitler. (via)