For Kim Kardashian, the Wedding Bells Bling


Even as she defends her opinion on the Casey Anthony verdict to her Twitter followers, Kim Kardashian has bigger things on her mind.

No, we don’t mean her infamous posterior, although apparently she’s trying to make it a little less prominent by the time she walks down the aisle in Vera Wang; we’re talking about kashing in on her upcoming nuptials.

The Twitter-happy Kardashian, who’s on the August cover of Cosmopolitan, is getting married this summer to New Jersey Nets play Kris Humphries.

While Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, has made it clear that she isn’t a big fan of Kim shedding the family brand of her surname to become Kim Humphries, there is apparently another matter she didn’t caution her reality-show star daughter about: product placement at the nuptials.

PopBytes reports that Kardashian “needs everyone at her wedding to be chauffeured about in Rolls Royces” — provided (thoughtfully, as in free of charge) by Platinum Motorsport, a luxury automobile restyler.[more]

The site reports that Platinum will provide enough cars for the Kardashian and Humphries families to travel to the wedding. Plus, Kardashian “is color coordinating the cars to match the rest of the wedding … and has specified that she only wants white vehicles.”

And it wouldn’t be a Kardashian affair if TV cameras aren’t present — or the rumor mill already churning. Let the wedding bells ring!