The New Amityville Horror: Stop&Shop’s New Logo


Amityville, New York, has long been known as the home of 112 Ocean Avenue, the house stuffed with creepy ghosts and blood-soaked tales that inspired the 1977 book and 1979 movie, The Amityville Horror. That’s an image the sweet Victorian village has been shaking for years.

Now there is a new horror for the mayor and town elders of the Long Island hamlet to deal with: a Stop & Shop sign that isn’t made with the town’s approved color palette.

CBS News reports that the sign, which has not been put up yet, does not follow the “ordinance limiting signs to historical colors, like Revere Pewter and Monticello Rose, (which) help preserve the village’s Colonial roots.” The horror! The horror![more]

“Any sign that is to be made in this village has to be approved by this color chart,” local sign shop owner Peter Kourounis told CBS.

The new logo is being used nationwide by Stop&Shop and has been put in such discerning communities as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard without causing disturbance, the company points out to CBS.

“Our sign has had no negative impact on the character, reputation or charm of any of these communities,” said Stop & Shop public and community relations manager Arlene Putterman.