Brand Bites: Gaga + Rihanna + Kenny Powers + Google+


Converse finally opens its Brooklyn “Rubber Tracks” studio where local artists can record for free.

Lady Gaga no longer banned in China, while Rihanna and Gaga fight for Facebook supremacy when Google+ really needs them. And maybe it will get them. Rihanna, meanwhile, also bumped Megan Fox as the new face (and derriere) of Armani.

BMW is now making bikes… for the Olympics

China’s ad industry worth $28 billion this year, and over $33 billion next year.

Below: Burger King, McDonald’s, Kenny Powers and more.[more]

Chicago finds its Windy City icon.

TechCrunch offers a post-rebrand copy-and-paste hatemail template

Apple hikes app store prices in the UK.

Congrats to Microsoft and Kate Hudson on the birth of baby Bing.

Guess what percentage of counterfeit goods confiscated in the EU originate in China? No, higher. Higher. 

“Wheel of Concept” now also for PR pros.

QR codes — Now for protests (such as against Hershey’s.

Is this Burger King ad the “wrongest” is history?

Shanghai Tang: Literally, “From China with Love.

All you need is love (and at least three bars): Sprint tells its customers “We love you.

McDonald’s gets picked on in the schoolyard again —

Fast Company ponders what a tweaked Twitter logo might look like:

An interview with Chinese viral mastermind, Hu Ge: “That was 7UP’s viral advertisement, the idea of which was mine, and then produced and filmed by me. I don’t like to drink [those sort of] beverages.”

Could king Baidu be vulnerable in China’s search wars?

K-Swiss ups spokesman Kenny Powers in new ad and making-of with (surprise!) NSFW language:

Greenpeace spoof strategy veers off course:

Angelina Jolie talks about whopping  paycheck her spiritual journey to Cambodia for Louis Vuitton:

From Germany, with like: Facebook gets an (unofficial) anthem.

The iPhone case mod market is a industry unto itself.