Brand Bites: Pampers, Apple, Sirji, Gmail & Colbert


The week that was in branding begins with India, where Sirji 3G is offering itself as a solution to the nation’s population control problem. When the power goes out, don’t boink, play 3G games!

Oh, baby… Pampers ad runs alongside 300+ sex positions app.

Seized counterfeit goods are being donated to homeless in the UK.[more]

In kid-speak, Chuck E. Cheese has gone from worse to worse-er, dude.

Mashable’s infographics whizzes present The Apple Tree:

From the Surfrider Foundation, it’s the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill calendar.

After deadly high-speed rail crash, China’s Railway Ministry inspires (spoof) logo:

Northern Illinois University gives passing grade to new logo.

Flailing Air India brand gets turnaround plan ready for takeoff.

As Domino’s “we suck!” campaign peters out and sales slow, brand announces new “heavyweight brand campaign.”

Hollywood is developing a movie film based on controversial ESPN book.

“Don’t squeeze the Charmin” creator, John Chervokas, is dead at 74.

Sobe punches Mike Tyson’s ticker for gaming app.

Jeep “utimate search engine” ad updates brand’s “Don’t Hold Back” campaign Down Under:

Microsoft video mocks Google with “Gmail Man” spot:

…while Google encourages Gmail users to stage an intervention and get their friends to switch:

& that waggish Stephen Colbert has a few thoughts about the Nissan Leaf: