America’s Most Popular Brands: The Bloomberg Businessweek List


Bloomberg Businessweek’s annual summer double, “The Popularity Issue,” is now out on newsstands and on

Once again, BBW has sifted through the year’s most popular products, people, and trends, and how they got there, plotted on a scale from 0 to 14,594,874,110,347 … the figure for America’s National Debt on August 10th, as the issue was going to press.

The cover package is billed as “A deep dive into what’s totally best, right now—not just the bestselling, but the fastest-selling; not merely the market leaders, but the ones gaining the most market share—proves that while there’s no accounting for taste, the data can be helpful and even inspiring.”

The most popular brands making this year’s list?

• Actress: Sandra Bullock

• Athlete (Female): Serena Williams

• Athlete (Male): Peyton Manning

• Beverage (Beer): Bud Light

• Beverage (Soda): Coca-Cola

• Beverage (Sports): Gatorade[more]

• Bread: Nature’s Own

• Cable TV Show: MTV’s Jersey Shore

• Car (Electric): Nissan Leaf

• Car (Stolen): Honda Accord

• Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios

• China Import to US: Pulp

• Chocolate: M&Ms

• Cigarette: Marlboro

• Coffee: Nescafe

• Credit Card: Visa

• Department Store: Nordstrom

• Diet: Gluten-Free

• Dress Shirtmaker: Thomas Mason

• E-Reader: Kindle

• Frozen Food: Stouffer’s Chicken Parm

• Game System: Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect

• Gum: Orbit

• Hedge Fund: Bridgewater

• Jeans: Levi’s 501

• Laundry Detergent: Tide

• Magazine Cover Subject: Kate Middleton

• Model (highest paid): Giselle

• Mouse: Logitech

• Movie Franchise: Universal’s Harry Potter

• Museum Exhibit: Alexander McQueen at the Met

• Music (album sales): Adele

• Newspaper: The Wall Street Journal

• Pasta: Barilla

• Perfume: Justin Bieber’s Someday

• Pet Food: Nestle Purina’s Fancy Feast

• Philanthropists: Bill & Melinda Gates

• Razor (Female): Gillette Venus

• Restaurant Chain: Five Guys

• Politician: Michele Bachmann (based on Iowa polls)

• Running Shoe (Barefoot): Vibram FiveFingers

• Snack (Bar): Nature Valley Oats’n’Honey

• Snack (Cookie): Oreo

• Snack (Potato Chip): Lay’s Classic

• Social Network (Kids): Moshi Monsters

• Sport: NBA

• Surfboard: Dumpster Diver

• Toy: Syma S107 helicopter

• Wine: Moscato

• YouTube channel: Barely Political