Booze Newz: Carnival Rolls Out the Barrel


Carnival Cruisers Thirsty for Thirstyfrog

Carnival Cruises is bringing its private-label draught beer ThirstyFrog Red, which was introduced on the Carnival Magic in May, to the rest of its fleet. Fifteen Carnival ships have already received kegs of the brew, with three more set to get them soon. The beer sells for $5.50 a glass and debuted in the Caribbean-themed RedFrog pub, the cruise line’s first. USA Today notes that Carnival may introduce the pub concept to other ships along with the beer.[more]

Heineken’s World Comes to India

Heineken, whose tagline is “Open Your World,” is making good on that promise in India, where it’s now launching its premium lager, locally brewed and bottled by United Breweries. The brand is targeting “affluent, sophisticated and discerning consumers in India,” Kalyan Ganguly, president and director of United Breweries Limited, told India Infoline News Service, with its initial launch in Bombay and Pune. Rollout to the rest of the country will follow in coming months.

B.C. Winemaker Gets Boxed In by Wine Authority

A winemaker in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley that switched to boxes for its wine rather than bottles will be saving transportation costs – but at the cost of losing its prestigious B.C. Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) designation. The VQA label guarantees that a wine is 100% from B.C. and that it meets certain quality standards. However, only bottled wine is eligible — a holdover from when only the poorest quality of wine was boxed, something that is no longer true.

Ezra Clipes, COO of Summerhill Pyramid Winery, says the winery decided to switch to bags-in-boxes for environmental reasons, as boxes stack better in trucks and so more wine can move with fewer gas-guzzling trips. Besides efficiency, boxed wine also lasts longer on the shelf. The winery is appealing to the B.C. Wine Authority to get the rule changed, and in the meantime, plans to educate wine authorities and the public about the new reality of boxed wine, The Vancouver Sun reported.

Buffalo Trace Lets White Dogs Loose

The unaged whiskey trend is going strong, with Buffalo Trace Distillery launching two new variations, White Dog Wheated Mash and White Dog Rye Mash, to join its original unaged whiskey, White Dog Mash #1. The Wheated Mash White Dog is made from corn, barley and wheat and is the spirit that is aged to become W.L. Weller and Pappy Van Winkle Bourbons, while the Rye Mash White Dog is made from corn, barley, and rye grains. When aged, this becomes Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey.