Medea Vodka: Message on a Bottle


It’s not enough that our booze just gets us drunk anymore, multitasking modern drinkers are asking alcohol to do more.

First, brands added oddball flavor combinations (Budweiser “Clamato?“) Then, a few bold brewers threw caffeine into the mix, a combination that proved popular, and litigious.

Now it’s all about the packaging. And Medea Vodka is going to get your attention, like it or not.[more]

One part bottle of vodka, one part cheap Las Vegas hotel marquee, a new edition of Medea brand vodka bottles come with a built-in digital display screen that carries customized 255-character messages in glowing blinky-blink. The bottles are not totally new, but they have recently begun getting more attention.

Pitched as the “Best engineered vodka in the world!” it is not a stretch to understand why such a bottle would be a hit.

Medea’s bottle stunt is just one of the current package design re-thinking going on right now (diamonds and fur, anyone?)

Like a poorer man’s Medea, Budweiser released a line of bottles that allowed for short written messages.

And then there is the Hypercolor-inspired color-changing Coors bottles, which feature blue mountains when they are the right temperature.

Of course, this trend toward souped-up bottles has created opportunity for backlash messaging.

Now the question is, what new direction for beverage bottles are brands missing? Beef jerky dispenser? Facebook-syncing? Laser beams?