SocialTwist: 8 Billion Impressions Served


SocialTwist has just hit a key benchmark, partnering with 100,000 brands and websites to create “customer advocates” to help relay deals and other marketing messages.

In the past year, 4.8 million customer advocates have used the platform for referrals, offers and content sharing with friends.

Also making the service a player to watch: Sanjeev Agrawal, former head of product marketing for Google — and the former VP Products at TellMe Networks (acquired by Microsoft) and CEO of Aloqa (acquired by Motorola) — has just signed on as its president.[more]

The site’s Tell a Friend widget for blogs and websites leverages analytics and social savvy via key influencers who are incentivized to spread the word with rewards; has reached more than 100,000 websites (that have served more than 8 billion impressions since launch); and integrates with multiple social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft.

“What appealed to me about SocialTwist is the robustness of the platform and the flexibility of what it can do. We not only deliver high ROI social marketing campaigns, we enable our customers to establish long term programs with their key influencers and advocates – users willing and motivated to spread the word about the brand and its offers across their social networks,” Agrawal commented to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies including ConAgra Foods, P&G, Sara Lee, Barnes & Noble, Jamba Juice and Intel have worked with SocialTwist and the data shows an average 66% click-through rate on referrals, and 50% redemption on offers, compared to a more typical digital coupon click-through rate of 18%.

Sara Lee ran a social couponing campaign that drew 65,000 plus visitors in one month; “over 64% chose to refer friends in exchange for a $2.50 coupon, 30% picked a $1 coupon and 5% took a $0.50 coupon. 71% of these referrals were handled by email, 27% through Facebook and just a paltry 1% through Twitter,” according to TechCrunch.

“ConAgra Foods also ran a campaign recently which garnered 16,200 participants over 6 weeks, 29,613 referrals and had a click-thru rate of 43%. In this case, the top referral channel was email, but the top click-thru channel was Twitter,” the TC article notes about ConAgra’s campaign for Hunt’s Tomato Sauce (at top).

“We have proven that marketing through SocialTwist provides a higher return on investment than search and, almost always, display,” Agrawal said to MediaPost. “It’s important to explain to customers why marketing through social should become core and not an experiment.”

SocialTwist, created and funded by Pramati Technologies, an enterprise software company based in India with about 400 engineers, has offices in Mountain View, California; Chicago; Los Angeles; NewYork and a development center in Hyderabad, India. 

“Up until now, companies have experimented with social marketing with small budgets. With the kind of results we enable for our customers, social can justifiably become a core part of these budgets,” said Agrawal.

Social Twist is proving the digital value of its tagline: “the power of relationships,” one customer and partner at a time.