Facebook Fan Fail Page Spoofs Brands’ Social Media Goofs


The above video, The Procedure, is North Social’s fifth video in a series called “Fan Page Fail” (fanpagefail.com), illustrating how brands fail at building a Facebook following. North Social, maker of “powerfully simple Facebook applications,” calls it “ongoing social commentary on the growing obsession with getting more ‘Likes’ on Facebook.”

Featuring ‘socially reckless’ Jonny Like (played by actor/comedian Elisha Yaffe), “the intention is to provide a wake-up call for brands, organizations, and public figures on how NOT to inspire a following in social media (and of course offer up a solution).”[more]

Each video underscores a Facebook marketing mistake, and with more than 43,000 total views to date, it seems the message is on-trend: “Aggressive fan-recruitment tactics run rampant these days and by now savvy consumers will likely shy away unless there is real value in liking your page.”

For anybody not on social media, following are the first three in the series (#4 is now set to private, for some reason):

Fan Page Fail #1: Street Preachin’

Fan Page Fail #2: Beach Baller

Fan Page Fail #3: Dirty Urinal

Visit fanpagefail.com or North Social’s Facebook page for a new Fan Page Fail video weekly in the series of 11 digital shorts…and watch out for Jonny.