Booze Newz: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum


Bacardi Oakheart: Spiced Rum for the Strong of Character

Bacardi is hoping “Oak and Coke” will be a drink order heard across the globe as it launches its new Bacardi Oakheart, a spiced rum with a “distinctly masculine, smoky edge” aimed at the young male market. The launch will be supported in the U.S. by the “Oakheart Challenge,” a series of events and competitions, presumably for distinctly masculine men. Apparently, 2,700 names were considered before Bacardi settled on “Oakheart,” which refers to the barrels in which the rum is aged and has overtones implying “strength of character.” Manly men, get ready: Bacardi Oakheart will be available in the U.S. in September.[more]

Malibu Goes Over to the Dark Side with Malibu Black

Meanwhile, Malibu coconut rum is also launching a new product: Malibu Black, which, with more alcohol (70 proof vs. 42 proof) and less sweetness than the old white Malibu, is touted as “the perfect way to bring in the night.” New ads build on the “boom boom” campaign and the new drink will be supported by promotions such “Sube el Volumen,” a series of special events aimed at the Latino community in Houston.

AC/DC, the Wine

If you think about what Aussie rockers AC/DC are likely to ingest on tour, wine is probably not at the top of the list. But the band is joining other rock icons like the Rolling Stones, Kiss, Iron Maiden and Whitesnake in coming out with their own wine label. Hells Bells sauvignon blanc, Highway to Hell cabernet sauvignon, Back in Black shiraz and You Shook Me All Night Long moscato – made by Australian winemaker Warburn Estate – are now on sale at outlets across Australia.

Sweet Sales Success for Moscato

Speaking of moscato, the sweet wine has now become the fastest-growing wine varietal in the United States, sparking booming sales for brands such as Sutter Home, Beringer and Robert Mondavi’s Woodbridge. Who’s quaffing all this sweet stuff? Stephanie Gallo of Gallo says that 30 percent of moscato drinkers belong to the 20-to-30-something Millennial Generation, while a good half of moscato drinkers are under 45 years old. Wine snobs be damned, these young drinkers are going for the gusto: According to Symphony IRI, moscato sales are tracking at 90% above 2010 levels, MarketWatch reported.