Madonna Gets Into the Social Media Groove with Smirnoff


Madonna may have just turned 53, but she’s still hanging out with the club kids.

The Mother of Reinvention has signed on with Smirnoff vodka in a global deal that will kick off with a dance contest for the brand’s Nightlife Exchange Project. The project is a massive social media effort that is aiming to get 10 million people across 50 countries to exchange their “nightlife stories” on Smirnoff’s Facebook page, culminating in an event on Nov. 12 in which Smirnoff will throw 50 parties simultaneously around the globe.[more]

Last year, as part of the project, London and Miami swapped parties, with British food and music featured in Miami, while Smirnoff created a beach at an indoor London venue to represent South Beach.

As part of the campaign, Madonna is offering a spot on her next tour for one lucky dancer. Hopefuls have until Oct. 10 to submit a 60-second video to Smirnoff’s website, and the winner will be chosen at a dance-off between ten finalists at one of the Nov. 12 Nightlife Exchange Project parties.

While Madonna has been adept at keeping up with the times musically since she came on the scene in the early ‘80s, her social media presence has been rather conservative: she has 6 million Facebook fans, but her Facebook interaction with fans is limited, and she’s not on Twitter at all. Her part in the Smirnoff campaign could help create a higher profile for her in the social media sphere, though she’ll have quite a ways to go to match Lady Gaga’s social media pull (42 million Facebook fans).