Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews Develops Sense of Humor, Pitch Career


In just his third year in the NFL, defensive star Clay Matthews III already has a Super Bowl championship with the Green Bay Packers. Everything is looking up for Matthews, including his endorsement appearances.

Matthews is currently starring in a Nike Football commercial where the 25 year old “blows it up,” a reference to how his on-field penetration often wrecks the opposition’s developing play. This is a step up for Matthews whose endorsement opportunities until until now have not been…  marquee. [more]

After winning the Super Bowl, Matthews appeared in a spot for Muscle Milk. Unfortunately, Muscle Milk did not utilize Matthews very much, more or less asking him to sit there looking thick-necked.

A month later Matthews found a bit part in an infomercial for sports commentator Jay Glazer’s “Perfect Punch” exercise system.

The Nike spot is the first that utilizes Matthews’ considerable, if unique, sense of humor.

In a video for ESPN, Matthews hammed it up as an “All-Pro Shopper.”

His developing sense of humor and comfort in front of the camera was hinted at when the Packer appeared in a spoof ad on Jimmy Kimmel just after the Super Bowl.

Note to hair care product brands, an offer of $1 million to Matthews to cut his hair will win you plenty of copy, but it won’t happen; the star has repeatedly said he will “never” shear his locks. Matthews hair has its own Facebook page.

Apparently, despite his climb, Matthews isn’t quite a householdy-enough name yet; note how the teen shopper in the new Nike ad addresses the star by his full name.