Burger King, Quaker Hope Oatmeal Sticks


Misery loves company? Maybe that’s why Burger King and Quaker Oats are getting together to offer two flavors of oatmeal at the fast feeder’s outlets nationwide. By adding the venerable breakfast food to its growing morning menu, Burger King is following hopefully in the footsteps of acknowledged innovators in its business including McDonalds, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Jamba Juice.

Though the times suggest they should be doing better, both Quaker and Burger King have struggled lately. Burger King hasn’t come close to matching the stellar results posted by industry leader McDonalds during the recent period of economic sluggishness in the United States, when cheap eats have been more popular than ever. Meanwhile, Quaker Oats — at a time of strong consumer interest in intrinsically better-for-you foods, and with the marketing muscle and expertise of PepsiCo behind it — has struggled to elevate supermarket sales, with a series of marketing campaigns over the last few years that have failed to motivate American consumers to pick up its classic, inexpensive oatmeal. “Go Humans Go!” just wasn’t a potent message.[more]

For its part, Burger King welcomes both the oatmeal and the brand association. “Our restaurant guests want a variety of items to choose from every meal of the day and Quaker Oatmeal is a welcome, tasty addition to our breakfast menu at BK,” said Leo Leon, the chain’s vice president of global innovation.

Still, Burger King isn’t quite ready to proclaim oatmeal its flagship product. It’s still largely a burger joint, after all. That’s why the brand’s latest marketing makeover emphasizes the new California version of its Whopper, which sports guacamole. National TV ads began a week ago, highlighting the “refreshing quality” of the California whopper by highlighting each of its ingredients, including avocados and tomatoes.

Quaker oatmeal fits easily into Burger King’s “have it your way” tradition: Each serving is made to order.