Diet Coke’s New Look Launches at Target


Coca-Cola announced today on Twitter (with the hashtag #newlook) that its limited-edition graphic can design for Diet Coke is now available at Target stores across America. Take a closer look below and let us know what you think.[more]

The new look Diet Coke — the #1 sugar-free drink in the US (the #2 soft drink in America after Coke), and the #3 soft drink in the world — received mostly positive comments when it released a sneak peek on August 25 via twitpic:

Facebook commenters, meanwhile, appear more concerned that the flavor not be changed:

Ad Age notes that it’s part of a major marketing push this fall to tout the brand in the US, a campaign that “continues with the ‘Stay Extraordinary’ theme that was introduced in early 2010. It includes three 15-second spots, a limited-edition can design, point-of-sale booklets that feature fashion and beauty tips, as well as coupons, a partnership with StyleCaster, and events coinciding with New York Fashion Week.” (The last Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York brought Karl Lagerfeld limited edition Diet Coke cans.)

Your thoughts? Is this a worthy refresh for the current Diet Coke can design, or as Daniel Sullivan complains on Facebook today, a case of a “bored marketing team”?