UPS Sending College Sports a Big Bucks Care Package


Labor Day is fast approaching, and US college-sports fans are already unpacking their face paint, pennants, and big foam fingers (not too mention their coolers, hibachis, and tortilla-chip bowls) to prepare for another full year of football, basketball, water polo, fencing, bowling, and all the rest. 

And who is going to be enjoying all those intense rivalries right alongside some of America’s most ardent fans? That’s right, it’s the execs of UPS, who will be enjoying the fruits of three different sponsorship deals in the world of college athletics.

Post and Parcel reports that UPS has struck new “deals with college sports marketing and branding firm IMG College, along with sports conferences Big Ten and Pac-12 (that) will help it build growth in the business-to-business sector as well as accessing college sports fans across a country where college sports are arguably more popular than national professional sports.”[more]

IMG has it that there are 172 million college sports fans across American 29 million of those bring in $100,000 or more annually, the site reports. Research has also shown that those same fans are “more likely to be college-educated business professionals, spending on average $5,000 a year on shipping,” the site notes.

IMG College is partnered with 68 university programs across the map that allows UPS “to reach sports fans at 250 college venues” while the partnerships with the Big Ten and Pac-12 let UPS reach students geographically from Pennsylvania to California.

“Through these new alliances, UPS secures one of the largest sponsorship profiles in Division I college sports, opening the door for exciting B to B growth opportunities with the conferences and individual schools along with an unprecedented range of marketing, advertising, branding and hospitality assets,” said Ron Rogowski, UPS vice president for sponsorships and events, in a press release.

Last year, UPS announced sponsorships with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the organiser of the college sports divisions system, and the Southeastern Conference, the sports conference for 15 universities in southeastern states, becoming official logistics partner for both.

UPS also just celebrated its 105th anniversary with a bell-ringing event at the New York Stock Exchange.