Brand Bites: HP, Virgin, Tom Brady, 9/11, China Pepsi, Fake Starbucks


General Mills‘ “Coccoon” spot is oddly disturbing, not great at making people want to eat fruit snacks.

Creepy but more effective: Warner Bros. promotes new movie Matt Damon/Gwyneth Paltrow movie Contagion with a “bacteria billboard in Toronto.”[more]

Hat tip to AdFreak for catching this puts-a-whole-new-spin-on-viral-marketing outdoor piece:

HP gets into the 1980s retro craze by offering special edition 30th Anniversary 12c Financial Calculator.

Lacoste would so very much appreciate if Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik would stop wearing its clothing.

Need a chuckle on this very solemn weekend? You could do worse than the Tumblr blog “Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising.

From Adventures in Late Stage Americana: The “PAWtriotic” series commemorates the 9/11 attacks with a dog.

Meanwhile, the gang behind the “We Shall Never Forget 9/11” coloring book will also create a just-as-classy customized promotional coloring book for your business.

YouTube parody makes Viktor Hertz’s Flickr pool of “honest logos” —

A YouTuber comments on this UGG Australia video (premiering during the 9/12 Monday Night Football on ESPN): “Tom Brady could sell air and I would buy it.”

Papa John’s suits up for its NFL sponsorship with million pizza giveaway:

Coors Light ceded NFL sponsorship to Bud Light this season, but still gets its game on with “a little coaching”:

Banned Virgin Mobile ad is banned.

First Bank brings a new meaning to “stress test” —

Britain’s Pizza Express rebrand says “Get ready for stripes.”

Fake Apple and Ikea stores in China complemented by this Starbucks wannabe in Shanghai:

Also in China, Pepsi Max bottles are not joking around. (Yes, those are Desert Eagles.)

New Mad Men season five posters throw in some age-appropriate, and age-appropriate, brands.

Democratic National Committee‘s new 2012 logo is, much like the party’s current influence (kind of “meh.”)

On the subject of politics, what does this brand association say about Governor Rick Perry? (via)

Remember the Alamo (Drafthouse)? The Texas indie cinema has a new viral promotion for Conan the Barbarian may not have driven the fill to box office success, but it sure looked fun. (Marketers in Malaysia had similar ideas.)