Premier League Inspires Premier Lingerie


It’s generally best for a passionate male sports fan to keep his obsession out of the bedroom when it comes to relations to the opposite sex, but a company in England is helping to change that predicament.

Premier Lingerie has partnered with two Premier League clubs to produce lingerie with the team’s clubs and colors. And this isn’t just so the fellas can live out some sort of Harlequin-style soccer fantasy — it’s for the female footie fan.

“Women now make up about 20 percent of football supporters but only three to five percent of club merchandise is aimed at them,” said Paul Robinson, director of Premier Lingerie, to the Daily Mail. “A lot of clubs simply stock pink T-shirts with the club’s logo on them. That’s not good enough. Not enough clubs are doing anything sassy for their female fans, so that’s where we’re helping.”

Premier Lingerie recently partnered with Premier League team Newcastle United on the heels of signing a deal with the Wolverhampton Wanderers before the holidays last year. It is in conversations with other teams about producing similar lingerie lines, the brand’s website notes.

We may all have Katy Perry to thank for this.[more]

Back at the 2009 MTV Music Awards in Berlin, Perry showed up in lingerie that was the color of the uniform of West Ham United, the favorite team of her British comedian husband, Russell Brand. The also prominently featured the logo of the team as well. The Hammers picked up on the brand extension and briefly sold Katy Perry-inspired lingerie at its own club shops.

The Newcastle United collection, by the way, includes briefs, stockings, suspender belts, bras, and camisoles (bring  your own whistle). It also brings a whole new meaning to the British expression, “take off your kit!”