Viral Video Watch: Gamer Commute


How long is your commute? What stops do you make on the way? Is it at all similar to a video game? FreddieW may be able to help you compare.

Trending on YouTube today, notching over 5.5 million views since launching  less than a week ago, is FreddieW’s video “Gamer Commute.” The video features a man on his way to work, but with a little twist — it appears he’s in a video game. From jumping on moving cars to hijacking to a digital menu to pick out wardrobe, the video invites you to spot as many gaming references as you can.[more]

The short film was partially shot by the Samsung Galaxy S II, which shoots in HD 1080p, as part of the new Samsung Mobile digital campaign engineered by Digitas (Samsung’s digital agency). FreddieW creators Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch have been named the talent spokespersons for the Samsung Mobile digital campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy SII phone. Samsung mobile along with Digitas commissioned Collective Digital Studios and FreddieW to create a new set of virals about the phone base on the original concept. The reason they were approached was because of their expertise in gaming, as Samsumg execs want the Galaxy SII phone to be considered the best phone for gaming and entertainment.

This isn’t the first video from FreddieW to go viral, and likely won’t be the last. The YouTube channel has already attracted 380 million total upload views, 2.1 million subscribers and 40 million average views per month.

Other notable mentions:

Future Motion Control Gaming – A glimpse into the possible future of motion control gaming. (over 4 million views)

Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau) – Jon Favreau contacted them and gave them resources and full creative freedom to make a video about Cowboys and Aliens. (over 5 million views) Universal Pictures helped make this possible.

BodyCount – After meeting Codemasters at E3 and demoing their new game, BodyCount, they asked FreddieW if they would like to make a video around the game. FreddieW told them that they would love to since they really enjoyed the game and had given them access to their massive custom sound effects library. (3.6 million views)