Porsche and the Perils of Promoting “The Next 911”


Pity Porsche. It’s not the German automaker’s fault that its most iconic model just happens to have the same numerical name as the most famous terrorist attack in history. But these are the cards it’s been dealt, and the brand has to play with them.[more]

Porsche, it seems, is not aware of its ongoing embarrassment despite discovery of this nearly two weeks ago.

As pointed out by a blogger on the eve of Sept. 11, Porsche web ads started popping up with the unfortunate tagline “The next 911 is coming.”

In the coming weeks, the questionable tagline picked up steam on social media, until on Sept. 20, the editor of popular sports blog Deadspin, Tom Scocca, tweeted “Dear Porsche: Please consider a tagline other than “THE NEXT 911 IS COMING.” Thanks.” Soon it was being retweeted, over and over again.

Porsche’s website moodily teases “The new 911,” which is passable, if only because there isn’t much the brand can do beyond renaming the car. (No, Porsche is not renaming the car.)

Porsche’s Google Adwords buy smartly uses the term “The Next Porsche 911” (and not “911”).

Even so, Scocca confirmed to us that he was served one of the regrettably copywritten ads, proving that Porsche is likely not yet aware of its tragic, darkly amusing, mistake.