Go You: Cigna Promotes ‘One of a Kind’ Health Insurance Coverage


Cigna’s “Go You” campaign theme, “You were born an original. Make sure you stay that way,” is pitch perfect for an industry reinventing itself as consumers prepare for the health-overhaul laws that will require most Americans to carry health insurance by 2014.

Maggie FitzPatrick, Chief Communications Officer for Cigna, told brandchannel that their customers “want to be treated as individuals. Our surveys show that people place tremendous value on personalization and being in control.  This sense of control applies to both their health and health care costs.”[more]

“We help people maintain control over their health by reaching out to them before a condition becomes chronic,” she added, noting that mobile is a focus for the brand.

“Today, all our U.S. health care customers can get immediate answers — in English and Spanish — that are customized to their health plan benefits through Cigna Mobile,” said FitzPatrick. “Effective in 2012, all Cigna customers will be able compare their total, health plan-specific medical costs – including specialist, facility and related charges — before they choose their physician.”

“Customers also can cost-compare medications covered in their health plan; search real-time drug prices at 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, find the closest retail pharmacy locations using GPS or speed-dial directly to Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy.”

“Because personalization is so important to today’s consumers, we offer tailored solutions to meet their evolving health and wellbeing needs,” stated Cigan CEO David Cordan in a press release. “Health and wellness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.”

The $25 million campaign, the brand’s largest to date, includes print ads that ‘pitch health coverage as a path to self-actualization’ writes the Wall Street Journal. “Deep inside you there’s a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you,” and “When’s the last time you did something for the first time?” 

‘Customer-centric initiatives’ include 800 new hires for 24/7/365 global customer service to locate pharmacies and emergency rooms, decision-support tools to compare quality and medical costs, new mobile apps and social media connections at Cigna.com.

Ads for the campaign sporting a new logo and developed by Hill Holliday in Boston are appearing in TIME, Marie Claire, Family Circle and Runners World as well as Monster.com, SheKnows.com and IVillage.com, and USA, CNN, Discovery and A&E. The campaign is being supported with a mobile learning lab (below).

“The insurance industry is one that has traditionally been oriented around services to an employer or a government entity,” added Cordani in the WSJ article. “We want to orient around the individual.” 

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation about 14 million people are presently covered by individual insurance, a number projected to more than double by 2016 per the Congressional Budget Office.