Brand Bites: FedEx Gets Zombiefied, Ford Gets Legofied, Mapping the Chocolate Genome & more


FedEx gets zombiefied — get your Halloween makeup tips here.

Below, Ford’s new Lego concept car, selling bottled water in India, and more.[more]

Watch a Ford Explorer get Lego-fied:

Heineken rocks Chicago with Broken Social Scene:

Bisleri gets ‘bissi’ selling water in India:

Chocolate-lovers, rejoice! IBM and Mars are mapping the cocoa genome:

How’s this for 27-year branding project: renaming all 10,000 Minnesota lakes.

EasyJet’s mocking of British Airways on Facebook backfires.

Gay advocacy organization Human Rights Campaign gets sly plug on Fox’s Glee.

Rite Aid will roll out in-store online physician chat rooms.

From the hastily expanding universe of Star Wars brand licenses, meet the Wampa Adidas sneakers (via)

Florida Mexican restaurant has sense of humor. (via)

On the way out, Borders employee (philosophically) burns it down, burns it all down. (via)

Saab signs new $475 million contract… to supply targets for U.S. Army tank training.

Amazon faces customer revolt over poorly formatted Kindle versions.

Death of Doritos creator results in countless “cheesy” promos for the chip he invented.

Speaking of Doritos, here is the discussion thread with the couple who made the $1 million dollar winning crowd-sourced Super Bowl commercial for the brand. “It’s ‘Ask Me Anything’, not ‘I’ll Answer Everything’.”

Volkswagen in China: Das Auto, das panda bear.

The genesis of the Ferarri brand.

From Japan, Up Garage’s “Drift Angels”:

Philips reinvents waking up:

And India’s “Fair and Handsome for Men” skin whitening creme gets a catchy jingle.