Komen for the Cure and CitizenGlobal Promote Sharing and Screenings


On October 1, the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Susan G. Komen for the Cure kicks off a new initiative, “What I Might Have Missed.”

At its heart, the campaign urges women to “Get Screened,” as Nancy Brinker, Komen’s sister, invites breast cancer survivors to upload their personal stories and share moments from their lives that might not have happened if they hadn’t been screened.

The overarching theme, “Less Talk – More Action,” underscores the fact that of the estimated 1.5 million American women over 40 who have insurance, fewer than 50% received regular mammograms according to a recent nationwide study.

Komen is no stranger to publicity, social media and innovation. A year ago today, for a 24-hour window beginning September 30th at 12:01am and ending at midnight, the organization launched the world’s largest one-day social media/online event with the goal of “turning the world pink.”[more]

During that period to kick off the month of breast cancer events, the organization asked everyone to update their Facebook and Twitter statuses to include the term #fightbreastcancer and point to the website 69-seconds.org, referencing the statistic that a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world every 69 seconds. 

This year, Komen’s partnership with CitizenGlobal takes social media crowdsourcing for a cause to the next level, as inspiring action is its key theme this year.

CitizenGlobal calls its mission being a “social creation pioneer” — “We help brands and agencies drive new levels of social customer engagement through our social video creation platform and technologies.”

Social creation is defined as “a shift from the legacy model – based on passive consumers waiting to consume a brand’s product, content, or communication – to one in which a brand’s customers become key participants in content creation and the conversations that happen around this video creation.”

Over the past year, CitizenGlobal has launched Studios with PRISA in Spain, Nextel in Brazil, and the VANS Warped Tour in the US, in addition to partnering with Komen, XPrize, and Deepak Chopra’s Homebase.

Now, as Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us, Komen is using CitizenGlobal to rally individuals, whose submit personal stories for the “What I Might Have Missed” campaign may be included in Komen’s next “Get Screened” PSA commercial.

Using social content creation, UGC, and brand support, Komen’s aim is to leverage the inherent power of digital media to benefit survivors, supporters and drive awareness, screenings and being proactive.

It’s a timely and savvy partnership for Komen at a time when “pinkwashing” is top of mind, as it moves the heart and soul of content creation from corporate consumption to individual generation with a wide window for marketer support and personal empowerment and sharing.