It’s On: EA vs. EA Logo Dispute


Want to “enhance nerve function and improve balance and flexibility”? Florida-based Energy Armor’s wristbands, which contain “negative ions infused with harvested volcanic ash” could be just the thing for you.

However, you may have to wait for your wristband for a bit. Because it has as an EA logo on it that the folks over at big-bucks video-game maker Electronic Arts think looks a little too much like their own logo.

And so Electronic Arts has filed suit against Energy Armor, according to the Gamasutra blog.

Part of the problem, the complaint points out, is that “Energy Armor advertises its health and fitness products by associating them with sports and professional athletes, ‘which is similar to how Electronic Arts advertises and markets its EA Sports products.’”[more]

Both Electronic Arts and Energy Armor have PGA-related goods, which could lead to confusion in the marketplace, the video-game maker purports, Gamasutra reports.

Electronic Arts has asked for the company to stop using the EA logo but never received an answer, according to Gamasutra. So now the company wants Energy Armor to destroy all products with the logo on it and fork over any money made by using the logo, among other things.