In the News: iCloud Opens, Sony Hacked, Zynga Looks Beyond Facebook


In the News

AMC kills Bing product placement deal for Walking Dead.

Apple‘s iCloud service goes live in first major product launch since Steve Jobs died.

BlackBerry outage response not RIM’s finest moment, says BBC.

British PM David Cameron holds kids’ advertising summit, while Tory Party rebrand has missed the mark, critics argue.

Cadillac unveils ‘Cue,’ its connected car system.

Chrysler strikes tentative deal with the UAW.

Diddy makes a landmark donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem.

eBay looks to deepen its relationship with Facebook.

Google sees 60% drop in Google+ usage.[more]

Gucci faces sweatshop claims in China.

IHOP expands in Manhattan.

JPMorgan may see 10% decline in quarterly profit.

Occupy Wall Street movement catches global attention.

PepsiCo worldwide snack volume grew 8% in the quarter, 7% YTD.

Sony reports massive hack attempt on global networks, recalls 1.6 million LCD TVs worldwide.

The FTC will reportedly announce today that the agency is softening its proposed rules on food advertising children.

Zynga unveils new games and alternative platform to Facebook.