Brand Bites: Apple, Bushmills, Steelers, Steve Jobs, Sara Lee, Facebook UK & Hollywood Jackets


Who says sincerity is dead? Pro Infirmis bear hug ad will punch your heart in the face. (via)

That KFC-like OFC “Obama Fried Chicken” in China has changed its name to the much more sensible “UFO.

India music darling Bon Iver part of Bushmills whiskey campaign.

Harvard physician speculates that Steve Jobs doomed self with alternative therapies.

A Tmblr for Apple’s new Siri program: “Sh*t That Siri Says.

A look into the Pittsburgh Steelers iconic “Terrible Towel” campaign. [more]

Is Sara Lee’s new ad campaign too painful to watch?

In the UK, Facebook now accounts for most online display growth. Will produce £180 million in revenue in 2011.

Illinois tourism ad tries to make Illinois tourism exciting.

In Arizona, encouraging local businesses advertising locally to use local advertisers.

Virgin Media twists a little Brit into its logo.

The great Winnipeg Jets logo cash grab.

Iconic movie jackets from Akira and the recent film Drive now available. Related: Brandchannel’s look at the world behind identifying Hollywood’s onscreen jackets.

GMC pulls ill-advised “stop biking, start driving” ad aimed at college kids.

Cereal box activism.

Clean away your grief with the Apple mouse soap. (via)

Fruit Ninja gets its Puss in Boots tie-in. Explain that to your grandma.

Sure, it’s a year old, but here is the “Blackberry” “Who’s on First” for our time.