Tommy Hilfiger Joins DailyFeats for Fashionable Philanthropy


DailyFeats (see video above) professes two beliefs: “change starts with small actions, simple positive choices that people make every day,” and “to a create a movement for change, we need the involvement of organizations with strong voices.”

Tommy Hilfiger just signed on to support five feats — having family fun, calling your parents, walking the dog, riding your bike, and spending an evening at home — all inspired by the Hilfiger family featured in brand campaigns.[more]

Users earn points by completing feats, and the Hilfiger brand will reward participants with a $10 donation in their name to Millennium Promise, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty, to which the Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation announced a $2 million commitment in 2009, or receive $10 off a $50 purchase at or in a Tommy Hilfiger specialty store.

“We are very excited to be the first fashion company to join DailyFeats,” said Avery Baker, EVP Global Marketing and Communications for Tommy Hilfiger. “DailyFeats is a great reminder that even small contributions can make a very big difference. Every time you walk your dog, call your parents, ride your bike, or spend time at home with the family, that’s a moment that Tommy Hilfiger wants you to savor.”

Available for free at for web, iPhone and Android users, DailyFeats lets users post their feats via SMS, web, email, Foursquare or Google Talk. The more feats a user posts, the broader their social identity is on the site. Participants pick categories near and dear to their hearts like “health,” “family” or “citizenship,” adding a layer of philanthropy to personal profiles.

The site works on the honor system. “All of the actions are self-reported. A great majority of them are fundamentally impossible to check…So how do you prevent your user base from gaming the system just to get a discount somewhere?” asked Mashable.

“We trust our members,” said DailyFeats CEO and co-founder Veer Gidwaney.