Video: Check Out Microsoft’s First Global Multi-Product Holiday Campaign


Microsoft this week rolled out its first multi-product global holiday ad campaign. The commercials, running in 35 countries through January, integrate an array of Microsoft branded products — Windows, Windows Phone, Kinect for Xbox and Office — targeted at families.

The 30-second TV spot above (which debuted during Sunday Night Football) is called “Epic Share.” It features a dad playing Dance Central 2 on an Xbox 360 with Kinect as his teasing kids capture his “tech-no” dance moves on a Windows Phone, before using Windows editing software to share the footage.

The second holiday spot — “Dog.PPT,” below — features a boy giving a PowerPoint presentation to his skeptical parents on why the family needs a dog, which inspires his father to try his own presentation.[more]

“We have a wide portfolio of brands. I think bringing them together for this campaign differentiates us,” Paul Davies, Microsoft’s UK director of marketing communications, told Brand Republic (which estimates the campaign’s price tag at £5.5m. 

He added that the campaign’s objective (tagline: It’s a great time to be a family”) is to show how the #3 Best Global Brand‘s “family of products are interconnected.”