Run, Alice, Run: Nike’s New Commercial Brings “Never Stop Running” Motto to Life


Nike illustrates its “Never Stop Running” tagline with a new campaign featuring Alice, whose family and friends can’t distract her from her run. At first you might think it’s a new feature of Nike+ (stay in touch with your social network while you run!) but it’s more about not letting them distract you from your goals.

The spot’s description: “When your shoes are ultra-comfortable, it means longer runs. Like, ‘a marathon is just the warm-up’ longer runs. Which brings us to Alice. Who puts on the LunarGlide+ 3 Shields and meets her family while, well, running.”

Is it a worthy follow-on to the “Just Do It” tagline, or an ode to selfishness?[more]

The campaign’s online extras play up the impact of following your bliss (and your run) in vignettes featuring Alice’s long-suffering, neglected support network:

“This is Ollie. He’s a Labradoodle. He’ll tell you that a dog’s best friend is a woman who never stops running. Except he might pant a lot and sniff himself while doing it.”

“There’s a girl named Alice who loves to run. In fact, she never stops. Hmmm. What do her girlfriends have to say about this?”

“Just because your girlfriend runs and runs and runs all day, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy relationship. See how true love blossoms on the running path. (Cue romantic running music.)”

“Meet the grandparents of a girl called Alice. They accept that their granddaughter likes to run. And run. And run. It’s all in the in-depth, tear-jerking interview.”