“Tebowmania” Makes Jockey, Nike, FRS and Millions of Fans Look Prescient


“You can’t stop Tebowmania,” wrote Peter King, the dean of NFL writers, on SportsIllustrated.com this morning. “You can only hope to contain it.”

At least that’s the way it looks today, after Denver’s new starting quarterback led a last-minute comeback for the Broncos, scoring the game-tying points himself following a lackluster three quarters of play in his 2011 starting debut.

Or, as The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay put it: “His legend only grows now. He’s a movement now. He’s going to save the universe, or at least, the Denver metro area for the next few days.” 

Comparing Tebow to another pop-culture figure who also has haters, Gay even calls him “Football Bieber” and adds: “The guy is irrepressible. Don’t try and deny him. He will not be stopped.”[more]

Well, at least Tebow’s initial success comes as good news to brands such as Jockey, FRS and Nike that invested in his image early on even though Tebow didn’t become the Broncos’ starting field general for his first year and a half in the NFL, and even though Tebow comes with what many marketers describe as the baggage of his outspoken religious faith.

Not only that, but Tebow’s football critics have gone after him for his throwing motion, which isn’t quite yet NFL-caliber, for his accuracy, and other concerns.

But Tebow was the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner. He did lead the University of Florida to a couple of national championships. He simply has a huge fan base, as was especially in evidence on Sunday because the game was in Miami and celebrated Florida’s collegiate national-championship years.

And now, Tebow is pretty much guaranteed to be the starter of the 2-4 Denver Broncos for the rest of the year — and probably beyond.