In the News: Coca-Cola White, Kodak Woes, McD’s McRib and more


In the News

Amazon faces profit squeeze from rollout of Kindle Fire.

Caterpillar signals U.S. export expansion with higher profits.

Coca-Cola plans to unveil white can to promote polar-bear protection.

Groupon battles perceptions that it’s still valued too high.

Kodak talks with hedge funds about rescue financing.

McDonald’s launches McRib nationwide once again.

NASCAR goes to college to cultivate fans.[more]

News Corp. annual meeting saw heavy opposition to re-election of Rupert Murdoch’s sons to board.

Nokia is likely to miss holidays in U.S. with new Windows phone.

Novartis shuffles jobs between devleoped and developing markets.

Redbox plots first national advertising campaign in wake of troubles of Neflix as Netflix copes with red ink.

Research in Motion looks to lure more BlackBerry apps.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill celebrates indulgence, instead of light fare, in new campaign.

Saab continues to dwindle while Volvo thrives.

Volkswagen positions itself to take over from Toyota as top-selling global automaker this year.

Walmart reopens 13 stores in China.

Wikileaks faces crippling financial problems.

Zynga eyes IPO in November.