Progressive Launches “Dress Like Flo” Halloween How-To Tips


Sure, there’ll be plenty of Nicki Minaj, Angry Birds and Black Swan costumes floating around this Halloween. Brands with strong, identifiable and popular spokespeople also will find themselves, as ever, the subject for costumes. Last year we ran not one, but two lists of branded Halloween costumes.

One of the more popular is sure to be Progressive Insurance spokesgal Flo, so to jump out ahead of those looking for DIY costume ideas based on Progressive insurance’s Flo spokeswoman, the brand has put together a comprehensive guide on how to “Dress Like Fo.”[more]

Progressive’s “Dress Like Flo” microsite, linked from Flo’s Facebook page, lists everything one would need for a comprehensive Flo costume. The site also offers handy downloads, including the Progressive logo, a Flo name tag and branded button.

The site also links to videos detailing, set by step, exactly how to do one’s makeup and hair to become a convincing Flo.

By comparison, Geico’s approach to Halloween is a list of the “5 ways to make the most of Halloween,” including safety tips and “America’s most haunted places.” Geico’s suggestion for Halloween costumes? Smurfs, Harry Potter, Man Men, Lady Gaga and “Superheroes.” Perhaps Geico is less concerned because not one, not two, but three of its “spokesthings” are already widely available in costume form. 

Plus, others have already posted (quite detailed) diretions on “How to make a Geico cave man costume.”

Below, a survey of Flo and Geico costumes from galleries around the web.

Images via here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.