In the News: Amazon, Samsung, Sony and more


In the News

Absolut launches gay pride campaign.

Amazon creates new name and URL for China.

Apple is ‘sizzling’ in Asia.

China moves to restrict social media and bloggers, which doesn’t stop one NBA star.

Facebook to build server farm near Arctic Circle.

Google reveals massive spending spree.

Groupon culls its sales staff.

Iconix acquires Sharper Image brand.

Nokia‘s Lumia smartphone translates badly in Spanish.

Pontiac owners are staying loyal to GM.

Samsung granted expedited hearing against Galaxy Tab ban in Australia.

Sony buys Ericsson out of mobile phone venture.

Sprint needs billions to cover iPhone investment.

Warner Bros withholds films from Blockbustermatches Netflix and Redbox 28-day release window.

YouTube is preparing to launch celebrity and branded channels to promote original content.