Brand Bites: Halloween Commercials, Nike China & Wahlburgers


Apple trademark attorneys take out their grief over losing Steve Jobs by threatening German café.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the “Feel Bad Movie of Christmas,” has a feel-good line of clothing at H&M.[more]

From the Dept. of Wicked Pissa‘: Mark and Donnie Wahlberg team with other brother to open “Wahlburgers.”

The Original Honeybaked Ham Co. learns the hard way that naming extends to your brand’s caller ID.

Missed it? Here is the that 60 Minutes Steve Jobs segment.

Gawker writer pitched to secretly embed links to brands in posts for $175 per link, by agency claiming it works with major brands and bloggers. Who are they?

In-N-Out knockoff (Shanzhai!) CaliBurger is coming to Shanghai.

Study: Single people shop differently than less-lonely peers.

As expected, Tim Burton’s new balloon for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a bit… different.

Agent Provocateur releases Halloween-themed “zombie” ad (NSFW) while Allstate rushes its “mayhem” Halloween ad:

Mississippi Symphony Orchestra channels the master to promote its “Bravo II: Hitchcock at Halloween” event.

Public service message for Halloween spawns new meme. More at BoingBoing.

Sandwich shop Schwarma Republic injects a little of politics into its fare. (via)

After his house burned from unsafe fireworks use, UK footballer Mario Balotelli will appear as a spokesman for fireworks safety.

NHL goalie for Ducks will don special “Movember” mask. Just the latest “marstaching” campaign. (via)

As part of Nike’s “Use Sport” campaign in China, tennis star Li Na appears in a new ad.

Microsoft envisions our productive future:

Think up the craziest ad possible and you’re still not even in Japan’s league. (via)

As for Halloween stunts, GM’s OnStar is offering a zombie protection service

Here’s Walmart’s trick-or-treating kids…

…and Target’s cheapskate dad (and another bee girl):

Cadbury’s UK releases a Halloween-only Screme Egg:

Chupa Chups’ scream-stopping spot (in Asia):

Ladies! French Connection has a magic dress for your Halloween needs.

Tiger Beer is favored by creepy creatures in the UK:

Audi’s Halloween commercial gets night vision:

And director John Zada’s “Take This Lollipop” Facebook stunt spooked Facebook execs, apparently —