Beats by Dre NYC Store Opens on Social, Then Soho


This afternoon, if you happened to be wandering in NYC’s Soho neighborhood (where the temporary Apple store is located, in fact), you would have caught the opening of the Beats By Dre store.

What’s interesting about this opening is that it appears that the only advertising or marketing that was used for this store was by way of pure social media. The special guest at the opening night party? Let’s just say we’d be surprised if it didn’t turn out to be Dr. Dre himself.[more]

The organizers gave away some pretty sweet prizes for using social media. Besides the fact that you pretty much have to find out about this event using social media, they are also offering a Foursquare prize – “Do you want to be a Beats VIP? The first 30 people to check-in and purchase a Beats audio product receive exclusive access to our party tonight hosted by a very special guest!”

The page also says, “With the purchase of any Beats By Dre headphones or Beat Box you’ll receive a special gift!” Sounds like a sweet deal.  As noted on their facebook page, if you follow @beatsbydre, tweet a picture of you in the store with the headphones using the hashtag #beatsstore, you will be entered to win your own pair of custom Beats by Dre headphones.

Both @drdre and @beatsbydre have been promoting the event since Monday, with links to the Beats by Dre Facebook page, which has the following Facebook banner:

The following version of the welcome poster can be found on the Beats by Dre Tumblr page:

The store opening’s cake is pretty sweet:

Fans can also check out the showcases of customized celebrity styles:

The Facebook page notes, “The first few people who purchase Beats headphones or Beatbox today at the #BeatsStore at 67 Greene St. will get vip access to our private party later on tonight!”

They even tweeted pictures of their first customers:

To further my claim that only social media has covered this so far, if you do a google search for “Beats by Dre” Soho store Soho, all you will find is the location, a Yelp! page, and a link to the Beats by Dre Facebook page.

If you further that search into Google News, nothing comes up. Although pure social media campaigns aren’t unheard of, for a brand this big and for an opening of this magnitude, using pure social media may prove that it can be more effective than plain advertising with banners on websites and/or TV commercials. Especially with Beats by Dre, as they appeal to the younger crowd who tends to use social media more. Smart.