Brand Bites: Mitsubishi, Ferragamo, McRib, Manliness, Hell’s Angels & Dog Beer


TomTom GPS teams with Bert and Ernie and the whole Sesame Street gang. (via)

Who’d have thought? “Hell’s Angels Are Pussies” ad campaign will get you some attention.

Clearly unimpressed with the current difficulties faced by his reelection campaign, Obama administration enacts “Christmas tree tax.

Pure gold can that Chinese beverage brand Jianlibao presented to 1992 Barcelona Olympics Judo medalist Zhuang Xiaoyan? Not real gold.

A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage.

Take a Load Off, Mom: Huffington Post’s parent blog “Parentlode” sued by New York Times parent blog “Motherlode.” [more]

Salvatore Ferragamo released Democrat and Republican themed ties in time for the 2012 election cycle.

In which some geniuses build a beer vending machine for brand Arnold.

Art of manliness goes all in for “Movember.”

Will the Lancer Evo be rebranded as a Mitsubishi hybrid?

One tech user’s garbage gadget is another fanboy’s “heirloom pocket watch” iPhone.

Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen concept opens on Park Avenue, a re-imaginining of the three-decade-old Barnie’s Coffee & Tea.

Bleeding edge package design: Make a Christmas gift of blood donation.


PETA billboard in Bismarck for National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month asks Noth Dakotans to stop being so North Dakotan.



The model aircraft: The coolest business card ever made. (via


“[The hotel] has a been a sh*thole for 40 years. Rather than disguise its sh*tholiness, the hotel, via Amsterdam ad agency KesselsKramer, has for years trumpeted it.”


Presented without comment. Beer for dogs.

John Lewis 2011 Christmas ad “follows one little boy who is impatiently counting down to Christmas.”

YOU %^$#@!!ed WITH THE WRONG SPOKESMARINE! R. Lee “Gunny” Ermy for Glock.