Pepsi Choice Performance Revealed on The X Factor Tonight


The U.S. version of the The X Factor may not be delivering the 20 million fans that executive producer Simon Cowell anticipated, but that’s not stopping the show’s main sponsor, Pepsi, from doing everything it can to engage the viewers the show does have. 

The judges sip from prominently placed Pepsi cups. Host Steve Jones injects much excitement each week into the fact that the show’s winner will not only win $5 million but — much more excitingly! — also the chance to star in a Pepsi commercial. One contestant said it would be “a huge blessing” to have such an honor. Pepsi also placed the musical guest Outasight on the show and he sang – guess what? – Tonight’s the Night, which happens to be the background music for Pepsi ads. Pepsi has also created two digital platforms to engage viewers: Pepsi Pulse and Pepsi Sound Off, which combine gamification and social TV to help bring X Factor fans together and enhance the viewing experience. 

If that weren’t enough, the pair have hooked up to find another way to keep the Pepsi brand top of mind during the show. This week sees the on-air launch of the “Pepsi Choice Performance,” a “new partnership element” that invited “fans to help select details of a special ensemble performance by the finalists on ‘The X Factor’ live results show on a special night, Wednesday, Nov. 23.” Voting has ended, but you can watch the results in tonight’s broadcast.[more]

“Pepsi is allowing fans of The X Factor to give their creative input on what they want to see from these terrific acts,” said Frank Cooper, CMO Global Consumer Engagement for PepsiCo. “This is a great opportunity for our fans to really become involved in the show at an even deeper, more engaging level.”

Viewers not only choose the song, but “wardrobe style, dance style and special effects” for the group number that evening and can also put any additional ideas in the “a special ‘creative suggestion box’” on the show’s official website.

Poor Chevrolet, meanwhile. The other big X Factor USA sponsor hasn’t had too much product placement or mention on the show just yet except for during the audition episodes when the judges were constantly parading up to each new location in a straight little line of extremely shiny, clean SUVs.