Enter the Nattmosphere: Natty Light Claims “First Beer in Space” Title


When it comes to advertising, or anything really, you can never go wrong with being a “first.” And what better first for a beer than to be the first beer in space?

On November 18th, sometime between 11:01 am (launch time) and 1:45pm (landing time), Natural Light (aka Natty Light) became the first beer to enter space, or that particular edge of space that Natty Light calls the “Nattmosphere.”

So how did Natty Light make it up there? two Facebook fans of the brand, Danny B. and Rich T., came up with the idea for the beer company and pitched it on FB. Naturally, Natty gave them the green light and their blessing.[more]

Natty asked its fans on Facebook what to name the spaceship, and Kal Thomas’s submission was chosen – The Aluminum Fullcan.

On board the Aluminum Fullcan: a GPS tracking device, an HD video camera, a full can of Natty Light, and an empty can of Natty Light to film on the outside of the cooler.

Yesterday Natty posted a photo of the full can that made it to space, asking fans what to do with it, with over 34 comments about it. Check out their Facebook page for more pictures, and Natty’s behind-the-scenes video of the mission below: