Santa Still Riding for Philips Norelco


Santa has been busy these past few decades, touting Philips Norelco shavers among other holiday advertising campaigns, and he’s back after a brief hiatus with his new ride, the SensoTouch 3D.

“This new commercial (above) combines the best of the old and the new as Santa navigates the fast and slippery slopes with the look of the same shaver for decades, but now with new technology, an upgraded product that is thinner, waterproof, works in the shower, with foam, or dry, a product virtually transformed,” Jacopo D’Alessandris, VP, Head of Marketing North America for Philips Consumer Lifestyle told brandchannel.[more]

The first animated spots from the 1960’s set an industry standard for creative animation, and can be seen here.

In the 70’s, stop-motion animation rendered this classic “Noelco” Christmas spot:

“With an iconic product, passionate users ask for it,” said D’Alessandris. “Brands use nostalgia as equity. And in times of recession, with less money in the wallet, more particular about spending and choosing amongst many brands, money is well-spent giving consumers brand security and continuity. They’ve trusted us for many generations and are happy with our product.”

Philips is moving aggressively into social media, “a powerful multiplier of promotion (or detraction) and a strong vehicle to tap into consumers. What’s new at Philips is social media strategies are on their own. In the past, the launch of a product was a marketing mix, one big idea across different media, TV, radio, but now, social media is its own entity,” continued D’Alessandris.

“This is a key area of focus for us. We are more and more approaching it strategically and at category level, bringing relevant topics to the conversations that our target group is having rather than simply “pushing” product messages to them.

“Strategic partnerships and alliances are based on our target groups’ interests and key insights. We linked our brand with O’Neill, and developed a specific line of headphones targeted to young, active consumers. Product and packaging are co-designed, and are endorsed by a team of athletes that is very relevant to this target group. Or an activation partnership with Live Nation, to reach music enthusiasts at concerts where they are in the right mindset.

As for mobile, we are stepping up our mobile capabilities; this week we are launching our mobile version of and are featuring QR codes on most of our packaging and merchandising material.”

Santa’s newest ride on an old standard, upgraded in a timely and techno-savvy way is still a user pleaser: “There are very few brands that I can think of that have never let me down and Philips is one of those brand names…We just received our very own Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Shaver and I haven’t seen my husband since…I made sure my husband didn’t shave for two days so we would have a great test session for all of our new products. My husband had a great amount of stubble coming on (okay, a beard…) and his face was softer than our sons bottom by the time he was done!” writes a product blogger.

Ho! Ho! Ho! and empathy for the reindeer who’ve been downgraded.